The Furry Thing Series – The Doggies 

After the kitties, here come the doggies :) Spent a few weeks for the work to complete and preparations for the scanning for the fur details, test prints, here comes the final printing. They are labeled with number (Doggy No.1 – No.4, shown below) but I’m sure the dog lovers know who they are!

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Some old works – acrylic illustration on board

Another two illustrations with composition I found in a thr old pile, didn’t realize I did quite a number of practices during high school time. First one, a composition of sports, do you see Michael Jordan? That’s was the hey day of Chicago Bulls in the NBA, I was their fan too! Another was an illustration of an old Chinese film about The first emperor and Qin Dynasty, I recomposed the layout with the picture references from the movie posters and photographs.



Some old works – painting on canvas

Taken these pictures when I was back in hometown, Terengganu and visited my teacher’s family in Penang. Some really old work I did back in high school time when I was studying art in Penang, around 1997. Two acrylic on canvas, the other one was oil on canvas, references from photography book and magazines. They were quite a huge painting, I already forgot how a teenager completed them back then. I missed those days where everything was done by hand as Photoshop and Illustrator were not invented yet :)




Some old works – airbrush 

Invited by a friend on FB to share some of the work that I have done previously and have not been posted here. I dug out some work I did from my very old portfolio bag when I was back in hometown last week.

These are three of my airbrush practice artwork I did from high school time back in 1996, 1997, our task was to find a reference from illustration book and imitate the work and recompose/modify if we want. The purpose was to practice our airbrush technics.