About Bo&Friends

Bo is a self-initiated art project by Kamwei. It is a goldfish character envisioned since 2003. It started with his childhood obsession: goldfish. Kamwei used to have a few fish tanks filled with colourful and adorable goldfish at home. He liked looking at them swimming and playing with one another everyday.

He sketched, coloured and painted all kinds of goldfish. Then one day, he began filling hundreds of papers with something that resembled a goldfish only in his imagination.

Minimalist in style, the baby-faced fish evokes feelings of calm and peace, just like how Kamwei feels when he looks at goldfish. Because he enjoys creating interesting contrasts, he decided to make his elegant-looking fish a little cheeky, too.

Giving his sculpture the affectionate name, Bo, Kamwei began to craft its character and world through posters, papercraft, collaborative work and ceramic sculptures. Through this project, the fish that God created, which Man genetically engineered to become a goldfish, now undergoes another evolution, to become ‘Bo’.

Through the minimalist and peace-evoking character of Bo, the project aims to encourage and uplift people to become more optimistic about life.

Creatively, Bo has lived in posters, art prints, paintings and most recently ceramics.


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