Happy Mother’s Day


Bo in Kobe!

Cream Ori, Blue Spotty and Scaley’s adventure in Kobe 🙂

Scaley: “It’s very cold here :(”
Creamy: “I’m hungry 😦 Let’s go for Sushi!”
Spotty: “And pray for world peace!”
Scaley: “I want hot spring! (Sushi?? eat fish??!)”
Scaley: “Where’s Spotty?”
Creamy: “Praying for world peace.(Where’s my Sushi??)”
Scaley: “… He’s a good boy …”
Scaley: “Very crowded here. Let’s sit here for a while for fresher air, shall we?”
Scaley: “I feel claustrophobic. Let’s disguise ourselves as a ceramic deco, so these people won’t talk to us and harm us.”
Spotty: “(I’m claustrophobic. Especially sitting in between this two fatties -_-”’ )”
Creamy: “But they’re peaceful people.”
Scaley: “What are you doing here Spotty, you big fat ball!”
Spotty: “I want to have a better view”
Scaley: “Come here come here, the view here is even better!”
Spotty: “ok ok! (this monkey found a nice spot, hehehe)”
Creamy: “She really likes me! Hohoho!”
Scaley: “She prefers me! Hahaha!”