The new born Bronzie Bo

They’re finally here! Adopt at our studio or visit

Measurement: Length 5.5cm x Width 5cm x Height 4cm
Firing: Low temperature (~1,000°C to 1,200°C) Glaze: Eco-friendly and non-toxic glaze. Uneven bronzy, goldish, silverish patches appeared after firing.
Giant – RM150 at studio (USD50 on Etsy)
Large – RM70 at studio (USD24 on Etsy)
Medium – RM40 at studio (USD14 on Etsy)
Small – RM30 at studio (USD10 on Etsy)

Ink Crackie Scaley Bo

Hand drawn scales and coated with transparent glaze, low temperature firing, black ink smudged and smeared within the cracks under the transparent glaze coating.