Potted plant better? Happy Valentine’s Day 


Texts by Sam Hepburn 


To Taiwan with Love

Stay strong Taiwan. RIP to the victims of Tainan earthquake. Be hopeful to those who are still missing and get reunited with their family soon.台灣加油  

Bespoke Chemistry: A Remix Of Art And Progress 

Bespoke Chemistry is an art tiles exhibition organized by Kimgres at Bookmark, APW Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, showcasing collaborative artworks from 10 emerging and professional artists. It’s our honour to be invited to be part of the exhibition.

This exhibition is open to public, please drop by to visit us and say Hi to Bo 🙂
Date: 30th June-5th July 2015 (9am-5pm)
Venue: Bookmark, APW Bangsar.