Bo has a new look

After a quick sketch with calligraphy pen, I did a neater one. You guys like the new look of Bo? These are my all time favorite oriental elements, flames, cloud, wind, flowers especially Chrysanthemum, spiral, wave, scales, rocks, plants, and etc. I gave Bo a total makeover with those elements, some said it’s like a Chinese Opera masks, I have the similar feeling towards it but will explore more with my own senses and interpretation. 

Instagram: kamweiatwork 


Bo featured on Home&Decor Malaysia 

Thanks Home&Decor Malaysia for featuring Bo the goldfish works in their CNY ’30 Season-Inspired Home Decorations and Furnishings’ list. Top: Original Bo canvas painting. Exclusively available at Arcadia KL Publika. Bottom: Fully handmade Wolly Bos with felting wool. Exclusively available at I Love Snackfood Bangsar. 

Instagram: kamweiatwork 


Happy Chinese New Year 2016

The year of Monkey has officially begun. Journey To The West and its main character, The Monkey King is one of the most favorited Chinese classics and characters of mine. I dressed Bo up with distinctive Sun Wukong (Monkey King) outlook, and I think he looks very cool and having fun riding on his Magical Cloud too 😋 Happy New Year to all of you around the world, travel back to your hometown safely and happy reunion with family 😊😊😊😊😊 Cheers!!

Instagram: kamweiatwork