Plastic Poster X1.eps

“When you shop, you gather bags.
But all that plastic’s really bad.
So if you can, then try to stop.
Or just take one, don’t take a lot.”

Small print: A single plastic bag takes up to 1,000 years to decompose. Today we’re throwing out 1 million a minute. That’s a lot of really bad plastic. Next time you shop, bring a re-useable bag and just stop using that other stuff.

Tree Poster X1

“Green fingers, green fingers,
plant a tree, and see what lingers.
Keep on planting, watch them grow.
Give CO2 the ol’heave-ho!”

Small print: One person causes the release of about 10 tonnes of CO2 a year – a debt he or she could easily erase by planting just 10 trees year. Not much to ask, really. Get some friends together and start planting for the future.

Bulb Poster X1

“If I may, if I might,
have you switched to a different light?
A bulb that saves and doesn’t waste,
one you needn’t change in haste.”

Small print: Energy-saving lightbulbs are at least 75% more efficient than ordinary ones – they also last up to 10 times longer.
So fit your home with energy-savers and start using your head.

Air Poster X1.eps

“No need to fret, no need to swear.
Forget the car, let’s walk somewhere.
If all of us do the same, and you do the sums.
The only gas of shame comes from our bums.”

Small print: If one in four drivers travelled 5 miles a week by public transport instead, the world would be spared 6.7 million tonnes of CO2. So leave your car at home once in a while and enjoy some fresh air.

Air Poster X1.eps
Air Poster X1.eps
Air Poster X1.eps
Air Poster X1.eps

Environment protection campaign for Global Environment Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Art Director: Kamwei Fong
Copywriter: Samantha Hepburn
Illustrator: Kamwei Fong

Asia Pacific Design Yearbook

Tokyo Type Directors Club (TDC)
Advertising Campaign – Excellent Work
Poster – Excellent Work

Tokyo TDC Exhibitions
GGG Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
DDD Gallery, Osaka, Japan
Samwon Paper Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Giorgio Cini Foundation, Venice, Italy


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